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Homebuyer Education Counseling

Homebuyer counseling is a required part of eligibility for FANO programs for first-time homebuyers. Counseling must be completed prior to final loan approval. Please register with one of the participating homebuyer education counseling organizations to schedule your homebuyer education and training requirement. Only organizations that are certified by the Louisiana Homebuyer Education Collaborative are allowed to fulfill this requirement.

Find a Homebuyer Counseling Organization:
A Shared Initiative, Inc.
(504) 733-1733 ext. 79703
Contact: Joseph Roberts, Jr.
Desire Community Housing Corporation
(504) 416-4065
Contact: Deborah Davenport
Family Resources of New Orleans
(504) 822-8519
Contact: Kelita Pete
Neighborhood Development Foundation (NDF)
(504) 488-0155
Contact: Rosalind Washington
New Day Homeowner Services
(985) 288-5826
Contact: Theata Mason
Neighborhood Housing Services of New Orleans, Inc. (NHS)
(504) 325-2410
Contact: Waldreka Johnson
Lower 9th Ward NENA
(504) 416-3383
Contact: Carolina Gallop
Preservation Resource Center
(504) 636-3399
Contact: Sarina Mohan


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