Finance Authority of New Orleans

About the Finance Authority

The Finance Authority of New Orleans is a public trust created by the City Council of New Orleans in 1978 under the provisions of the Louisiana Public Trust Code. Since 1978, The Finance Authority has issued more than $600,000,000 of mortgage revenue bonds. Proceeds from these bond issues and The Authority’s other loan assistance programs have been used to finance more than 7500 new homeowners in the city of New Orleans. In addition to financing home mortgages, The Finance Authority provides tax-exempt bond financing for public facilities, facilities owned by non-profits, multi-family housing and all forms of community & economic development. The Finance Authority programs are authorized by the New Orleans City Council.

Board of Trustees:

Gizelle F. Johnson-Banks, Chairwoman
Stephen M. Smith, Esq., Vice-Chairman
Gary M. Clark, Ph. D., Secretary/Treasurer
Joseph E. Friend, Esq., Member
G. Wade Wootan, Esq., Member
Terrence Rice, Member
Damon E. Burns, Executive Director (click here for a brief biography)

SIFA (Praise)

May we always remember those who have gone before us;
May we be inspired by their vision and valor;
May their lives continuously remind us,
         that service is more important than success;
         that people are more important than possessions;
         that principle is more important than power.
May whatever we do be shaped and molded by honesty, competence, and commitment.
May our children and our children’s children carry forth with pride, the nobility of our history and tradition.
To the creator of all of us, we dedicate our lives to make this world better and more beautiful.
Mtumishi St. Julien ©1989